Return & Exchange Policy


Jolene follows a PAID 7 days return & exchange policy contingent on quality checks.

We are happy to return a product and provide refund or exchange the product(s) purchased from us if the return/exchange request is registered with us within 7 days from the date of actual delivery of the product and provided the product(s) are unused, unwashed and in the original selling condition and intact with original tags.

All return or exchange requests must be placed via our website only.

Damaged product//wrong item by you:
In case you have received a damaged, defective, wrong product at delivery or any item is missing then you should notify us immediately, and no later than forty-eight hours from the time of receipt / delivery of the item / product, by sending an email along with the relevant photos to In the event of your failure to notify us within the said forty-eight hours period, we will not be able to process your request for return nor will we be able to refund you the money.

- Return/Exchange is applicable only for returnable items. Please check the “Product Description” section on the returnability of an item / product before making a purchase. Non-returnable items could / may include items such as innerwear/intimate wear, swimwear, accessories (jewelry, headbands, bandanas, etc.).
- All return/exchange requests must be initiated by you / customer within 7 days of delivery of the item / product.-Items once exchanged cannot be returned.
- Discounted/ on sale items / products cannot be returned.

- Item once exchanged cannot be returned.    
- There shall be no refund of any shipping amount / costs / COD handling charges.  - For items purchased using discount code, only store credit will be issued as refund.                                      

- A return and handling fee starting from INR. 99/- for every two items is payable per return request. Once you have placed a return request on our platform (app or website), the return will be initiated via doorstep pickup by us and each return request will be charged at INR. 99/- for every two items. You can request a return of more than one item / product in one return request. Based on the number of items being returned in one return request, you will be charged INR. 99/- for every two items per return request. If you raise more than one return request, each such return request will be chargeable at INR. 99/- for every two items. Meaning, if you decide to return items from the same order at different times and not within one return request, each such return request shall be chargeable at INR. 99/- for every two items.
- All returned items will go through a comprehensive quality check process in our warehouse/store. Returns/Exchanges may be rejected by us if:
a) Items are not the original or same ones purchased from Jolene.
b) Items do not have the original tags and/or codes.
c) Items show signs of usage, wear or wash.
d) Items show signs of damage during trial or after usage or otherwise.
- Once your returned items/ products pass our quality check, we will initiate refund of the item price after deducting the return fees as applicable or deliver new product in case of exchange.
- If an item / product was returned because it was received by you in a damaged or defective state without any faults or acts from your end, the entire shipping charges will be reimbursed to you / the customer. You shall also not be charged the return fee for such items.
- Please be careful while returning the items/ products to our pick-up partner. Always ensure to return the original and correct item / product to the pick-up partner. We are not liable if you fail to return the original product. In the event you return a wrong or counterfeit items / product to our pick-up partner, we will send an email to you / the customer about the issue upon receipt of the item / product at the warehouse. Please respond to all such emails promptly and no later than three days from the date of the email. You may request return pick-up of the said wrong or counterfeit item / product (as the case may be) at your own cost and expense within five days of the date of the email. If the said reverse pick-up in not undertaken by you within five (5) days of the date of the email, we will destroy / discard the wrong / counterfeit item without any liability. If you then want to return the correct item / product to the pick-up partner, you will be charged an additional amount of INR. 99/- for every two items per such return request, which shall be subject to quality checks again as per this return and refund policy. For counterfeit items, Jolene may also choose to destroy the same without any further obligation to process your refund or return your items / products.
- The above is also applicable for the correct items / products returned by you which fail our quality check. Meaning, if you wish to reverse pick-up any returned item / product for which the return and refund request has been rejected by us due to failure to meet our quality checks, you will not be entitled to a refund, but you may schedule a reverse pick-up at your sole cost and expense within five days of the date of email / notification to you to the said effect. After the expiry of the five-day period, we will destroy or discard the item / product. We will have no liability or obligation to return or refund any products / items to you / the customer after the five -day period.
- The decision to process a refund in case of a dispute will be taken on a case-to-case basis at the sole discretion of Jolene.
- An item / product can only be returned/exchanged once. Meaning, if you have shipped us the wrong / counterfeit product a second time, we will not be able to process your refund request any further and such wrong / counterfeit item received by us the second time will be destroyed / discarded.
- We reserve the right to limit or deny any return/exchange requests.
- If we determine that a customer is mis-using this return and refund policy, we reserve the right to refuse return and refund to such customer. For the purposes of this clause, repeated pattern of purchase and return by a customer; bulk purchase of the same item and exchange may be considered as an abuse of this return and refund policy.

Store Credits

 Jolene may issue refunds in the form of store credits from time to time and these store credits may be utilized by you to make purchases from Airloom Lifestyle Private Limited only, whether through the Jolene online platforms or through our Jolene Store.

 The said store credits may be issued by us in the form of discount coupons, gift vouchers, discount codes or gift cards, as Jolene deems fit (hereinafter referred to as “Store Credit” / “Gift Card”).

 You understand and agree that: (i) The Score Credits / Gift Cards cannot be returned and may only be used by you for making purchase of clothes from us; (ii) The Store Credit / Gift Cards cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash under any circumstance whatsoever nor can they be purchased by you; (iii) only exchange of item/s is permitted for purchases made by you using the Store Credits; (iv) the Store Credits / Gift Cards cannot be used on any other platform or to purchase goods / services from any other entity.

 Refund for purchases made using Store Credit is not permitted and may be considered only under exceptional circumstances post approval from Jolene. Any such refund shall also be in the form of Store Credit / new Gift Card and subject to these terms.

The Store Credits (whether issued in the form of Gift Card/discount voucher or otherwise) shall expire after a period of 6 months.

 The Store Credit may can be redeemed by users against multiple orders if they have sufficient balance.

 These terms are subject to change at any time.


Offline Store Returns and Exchanges:

- Products purchased at the Jolene Offline Stores can be exchanged or returned within 7 days only at the store where purchased.

- For return of products purchased at the Jolene Offline Stores, only store credit will be given. No cash shall be returned.